Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Jigsaw finished

The finished Jigsaw ( but it did run on into K fortnight ) - took a bit longer than expected but I got there in the end :-)  It was quite frustrating as some of the pieces were very similar shapes and it was very easy to put them in the wrong places. Right at the start I didn't have enough pieces to finish the frame but it was just that two pieces were in the wrong place. Exactly the same thing happened at the end - 2 pieces over but they didn't fit in the 2 gaps left!!! All sorted now though
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J is for Jagged - Sunday Shutterbugs

This is the portcullis at Castell Coch- definitely jagged!
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J is for Jewellery

Went shopping today with Sally and went to Home Sense. I found two jewellery kits for just £2.99 each reduced from £7.99 so thought they would be worth a go at. Have managed to finish the one already and must say am pleased with the outcome. it makes you realise how easy this can be so might try a few more of my own in the future.
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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

J is for Jigsaw

Something I haven't done for a very long time. Well not one for me. I've helped Daniel with his little jigsaws but this is a big grown up one. Hopefully I'll get to finish it
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Jumping into J

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J fortnight starts with Sunday Shutterbugs weekly challenge - J is for Jump.

Hopefully this fortnight will be more successful than the last. I'm hoping to do better with the book and music. Our book club monthly book is Juliette Naked by Nick Hornby 

Incandescant Sky

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Natalie Imbruglia - Torn

Music wise I listened to Natalie Imbrugia. Didn't manage any films or books this fortnight. Found "I" a bit IMPOSSIBLE lol!

I is for Icecream & Indian Food

I 've struggled with the letter "I" food wise but we did manage to eat some lush icecream and I cooked an Indian meal of Chicken Tikka Masala. Admittedly it was from a spice pack with the Instructions on how to make it and I won't be repeating the experience as it was disappointing - now I know why it was half price :-).

The only other "I" food we managed in the fortnight was a meal at an Indian Restaurant when we met up with friends for a very pleasant evening out.
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Iris - from bud to flower

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I is for Individual

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Individual & independent that's Daniel now. Here he is marching to his version of "The Grand Old Duke of York" 

Monday, 24 May 2010

Hay on Wye

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Our last day and yet another town beginning with H - this time Hay-on-Wye a town renowned for all its second hand book shops and Book Festival  ( ) There are also some lovely craft shops and some interesting boutiques. We were there on market day and although it was only small it was mostly organic foodstuff and interesting craft stalls

Hereford & Hereford Cathedral

We had a day out in Hereford and visited the Cathedral which houses the famous Mappa Mundi - and the Chain Library -
Unfortunately you are not allowed to take any photos in either of the exhibitions. I did however spend a couple of happy hours taking photos around and about the Cathedral it self

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Hens & Horses

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Free range hens and the horses that were on the farm. The stable block was just behind our barn and this was taken from the kitchen window. As well as a working farm it was a Livery Stable as well

More Horses

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These horses were on the common up behind the farm  - they are actually Exmoor Ponies and were enjoying the spring grass

H is for Holm Barn

We had a short break booked for this fortnight and would you believe we were staying at Holm Barn, Holm Farm, Herefordshire. The farm is the red brick building and our temporary home is the wooden fronted converted barn. Also shown are our bedroom and one of the bathrooms. There were 3 couples so we had a bathroom each. 2 en-suites and one family bathroom (pictured) the barn has enough space to accommodate 10 people and we were lucky to get such a gorgeous place at short notice. We were originally due to go to Pickering in Yorkshire but have had to postpone that until next year as Russ has a prolapsed disc and is finding getting about rather difficult at present. Still nobody was complaining as this place was wonderful

H is for Horse

Another Sunday Shutterbugs challenge
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Here comes H

To start this fortnight we visited the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) Horticultural  Spring Show in Cardiff. it was a beautiful day and I had a Happy time taking lots of photos of the plants & flowers. Posted below is a little video of some of the photos I took - double click to have a look


H is for Heavanly

Starting this H fortnight off with the weekly Sunday Shutterbug challenge. this was taken at the RHS Spring Show in Cardiff
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